In today’s world doing business has become more difficult than ever. Web sites went from a luxury to a necessity. ┬áHaving up-to-date social media is essential to keeping your brand noticed and remembered. And if your design doesn’t show up amongst your competitors you are losing clients, customers, and money. At Hook & Pixel, we design engaging websites, create memorable brands & logos, and generate marketing plans that find you customers quickly & efficiently.

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Bootstrappers have no investors but themselves.


If you are bootstrapping your business, you know how much every dollar counts. Because of this making sure you spend wisely can be incredibly stressful. Imagine only having a limited budget and hundreds of ways to spend it, and every one of them sounds great.

Hook and Pixel can help you take the wondering out of where to spend your time and money. We use our years of experience helping others to help you find your own success. We put all that experience into our blog, so be sure to check that out.

Services we offer for bootstrappers are business consultation, branding, social media setup and coaching, and web graphics development. All these services are affordable for even the smallest of companies.


You have a solid concept, a plan, and a taste of succes. We love working with startups because they have so much passion. But it’s important to remember that there is still a lot of hard work to do.

Hook and Pixel can help startups in a wide variety of ways. We can help you design that perfect website, get a rock-solid social media plan, or just help generate leads and sales through direct marketing. Every plan we make is tailored to your business. That means we take your product and audience in mind before you even spend one dollar.


Growth is good right? Yep, but only if you know which way to grow. Many startups get their first taste of success, make a ton of cash, and loose it all. It’s far to easy to spend a lot on things that don’t matter.

Hook and Pixel can help growing companies reach maturity by providing smart paid ads, influencer marketing outreach, dynamic web experiences, video production, and ongoing social media support. With our experience, we can make sure your momentum is headed in the right direction.


You have paid your dues, worked hard, and found systems that work and the kinks are being ironed out. But this stability isn’t perminant and even the biggest can fall if they don’t adapt.

Hook and Pixel can help mature companies stay profitable. We can upgrade websites, generate custom marketing plans, create effective paid advertisements, and generate amazing digital content that drives conversions.

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