Juice Box Yoga Website

Juice Box Yoga is a local yoga studio that needed a better website to showcase their classes and staff. They wanted this new site to be reflective of their brand identity and to make signing up for classes easy!

Skills Used

Web Design
Graphic Design

Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Mobile Friendly Website

We created Juice Box Yoga’s website with a mobile-first approach. Not only are most people on mobile devices but their audience especially. Each page is specially thought out for the mobile user.

Sorted and Integrated

Designing the site we made sure to make it easy to find different categories of classes. The classes page has its own sub-menu to guide users to what they want.

Once they are there we integrate their scheduling with MindBody to allow users to explore the upcoming class schedules easily.

Ongoing Support

We have been providing ongoing support updating things like their staff page and home page sliders. With fresh updates google keeps their pages constantly ranked high for their local search terms.

Work With Us.

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