Sideshow Pete Website

Sideshow Pete is a brand devoted to having great times over cocktails with friends. The main man, Pete, wrote a spectacular bar trick book with 101 tricks that you can use at the bar to liven up any situation. We created this website to help sell this book.

Skills Used

Web Design
Graphic Design

Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premier Pro
Adobe After Effects
Meta Business Suite
Meta Ad Manager
Adobe XD
Crocoblock Suite

A Glorious Showcase

We made every effort to give visitors a taste of the book. We added a section with bar tricks that people can learn right on the site.

Merch and More

We added sections to let people pick up Merchandise in addition to the book for sale. We added sections for cocktail recipes too. This tied in nicely with our social media campaign to get awareness for the brand.

Content Creation and SEO

We created unique blog articles and other content for their site. This brings in thousands in traffic that helps to get free views on the book. Creating organic sales.

Work With Us.

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