Red Bull - King of Clubs Promo

After doing a lot of print work for Red Bull, we were asked to help them create a stunning invitation to a private event, the King of Clubs. A golfing event this invitation would show up as an oversized players card.

Skills Used

Graphic Design

Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Hand Illustrated

We knew that only a hand-created design would be good enough for a national brand. We used our skills to deliver a unique design.

Attention to Detail

In the design, we added details to make everything come alive. We added landmarks near the event. A custom logo for the event. And a branded placement of a Red Bull can.

One of A Kind

In the end, the design for the Red Bull King of Clubs invitation was a personal favorite piece of mine, allowing for both creativity to meet function. We would love to work with Red Bull again in the future.

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