Project Wild Brand & Site

Project Wild is dedicated to generating awareness to wildland firefighters through bold endeavors. Dylan hiked the Pacific Crest Trail and documented the feat to bring attention to a cause. We designed the brand off of his ideas and then deployed that into a website.

Skills Used

Web Design
Graphic Design

Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Shop Integration

We connected their online shop with the site. Creating a seamless way for visitors to pick up branded merchandise to benefit wildland firefighters.

Track and Donate

We integrated Garmin technology into the website to let visitors track Dylan across the country as he hiked. And we made it easy for people to donate as well.

Staying Connected From the Wilds

We communicated weekly with Dylan on his journey. He would send us photos and updates and we maintained the digital side of things for him, and we were proud to help.

Work With Us.

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