Making Health Happen Website

Making Health Happen is a UNR-based program that connects community health professionals with courses to continue their education after graduating. We needed to make a professional website for them to showcase the features of the site and connect to their LMS.

Skills Used

Web Design, Branding, UI/UX, Graphic Design

Technology Used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Elementor, WordPress
Making Health Happen Home Page Mockup

Designed to Impress

Making Health Happen already had mismatched styles when they came to us. We took their brand needs and cleaned up their style. We created a full brand style guide and UI guide to help development of the site.

Designed for All Platforms

We made sure that the design of the site was clear and effective on all devices.

Integrated With Their LMS

Their learning management software is the star of the show. That means we needed to create a proper user flow to get already enrolled students to the LMS. But if prospective students receive a different user flow. The site is designed to inform and build trust. As a result, more choose Making Health Happen for their continuing education.

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