Live In Peace Branding

Live in Peace Massage needed a branding package that made them look bigger than they were. A new startup needs every advantage they can get to succeed. By making a flawless brand style Live in Peace had an edge right at day one.

Skills Used

Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration

Technology Used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Custom Illustration

The owner of Live In Peace had a very specific vision for her brand identity. A tree with hands for the roots. We combined our talents of illustration and branding and designed this eye-catching logo.

Live In Peace Branding 2020 Logo on mug

A Guide to Grow With

We created a detailed style guide that the owner could use to ensure all future projects come out flawless. It included plans for print, digital, and more.

Foundation for the Future

With this brand identity Live in Peace will be able to establish itself on print, digital, and environmental media with ease.

Live In Peace Branding 2020 Billboard

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