Project Description

Skills Used

Graphic Design // Illustration // Print Design

Skills Used

Graphic Design
Print Design

Sideshow Pete’s book 101 Ways to Amuse/Abuse a Bar-Fly has been sold in the back of magazines and word of mouth since the early 90’s. It was time for a makover and we were there to help.

From Bar Napkin to Publisher

Much of the original book was made by hand & with the use of xerox machines. In order to create a viable product Hook & Pixel created dozens of unique illustrations for Sideshow Pete. As a result we added a ton of value to the finished product, encouraging more people to click & buy.

Sideshow Pete - Before Book Hook&PixelSideshow PEte - after Book Hook&Pixel
Sideshow Pete - Print Company Cover Hook&Pixel

Working With Print Companies

Part of taking a publication to print is working with the print company. Often many designs have to be sent back and forth and communication can get difficult. Hook & Pixel was there to bridge the gap during this complicated time & deliver exactly what Pete wanted.